Dog Grooming

Dog Baths & Flea Dips in Harrisburg, PA

Don’t trust your pet with just any grooming service! The team at Mary’s Grooming Boutique in Harrisburg, PA has 75 combined years of experience in dog and cat grooming, and we understand the proper looks and techniques for each breed. Plus, we love your pets as much as you do, so we will always handle them with love and gentleness! And if you aren’t satisfied with the results we will fix the grooming for free.

Our team is great with dogs. We will give your puppy a custom grooming based on his or her individual needs and breed.

Dog Baths & Flea Dips

Your dog will enjoy a shampoo, blow-dry and brushing for a shiny, healthy mane. We understand that baths can be a stressful experience for dogs, so we work to make it as fun and stress-free as possible for your pup! We can also provide flea baths and flea dips, which involve applying a diluted anti-flea chemical on the fur without rinsing it off, to prevent an itchy doggie in the future.

Complete Dog Grooming

On top of the dog bath, in the complete grooming we also include:

Fur Dematting

We will cut the mats out of your dog’s fur to remove tangles and provide a supple coat.

Ear Cleaning

By cleaning your dog’s ears, we can reduce the risk of infections and allow for better hearing.

Feet Scissoring

This process keeps the fur around the nails short and even.

Pad Shaving

Dogs use their pads to feel, and when hair is covering this area, they have a more difficult time sensing.

Sanitary Trim

We will trim the fur around the genital and anus so they are easier to keep clean.

Teeth Cleaning

We will brush your dog’s teeth to clean out the plaque and keep their breath smelling fresh.

Anal Gland Cleaning

An anal gland cleaning keeps your pooch comfortable and smelling good.

When you bring your dog to Mary’s Grooming Boutique, you can be sure your pet is squeaky clean. Plus, if you would like, for an extra charge we can give your dog a breed show clip or paint your puppy’s nails with dog-safe nail polish. Or, we can give your dog a custom-design fur decoration, like a heart or a star!

Contact us today at 717-561-8718 to schedule an appointment or for more information regarding our dog grooming services. And be sure to keep a lookout for our specials!